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Neon Spacecraft Jewelled PVD Black Dangle Belly Button Ring


14g PVD Black Coated Stainless Steel Navel Jewelry — Pink Jewel and Dangling UFO Charm

Ascend your style to intergalactic, limitless proportions with this Neon Spacecraft Belly Button Ring. Bright with pizzazz, this 14g belly button ring has a stainless steel shaft with PVD black coating for a finish as dark as outer space. It has one pink-jeweled 5mm top ball and a prong-set 7mm pink jewel at the bottom with external 1.6mm threading, making it most suitable for piercings that have already undergone the healing process. Dangling from the bottom jewel is a UFO-shaped charm with a lightning bolt accent. The charm has an enamel finish and features bold, vibrant colors for an eye-catching look.


  • Material: 316L ASTM F-138 Implant Grade Stainless Steel
  • Gauge: 14g (~1.6mm)
  • Length: 3/8” (~10mm)
  • Top Ball Size: 5mm
  • Threading: External 1.6mm
  • Charm Material: Brass; enamel finish
  • Charm Dimensions: 17.8mm (L) x 15.7mm (W)
  • 7mm prong-set pink cubic zirconia bottom jewel
  • PVD black coating