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Curse Reverse Face Oil l SKIN CULT


Reverse the curse of dry dull skin with this butterfly pea infused botanical face oil.

With skin softening evening primrose, jojoba and apricot kernel oils, and botanical essential oils like chamomile, ylang ylang, rosemary & more. The fruity benefits of blueberry seed oil, and the antioxidant magic of Vitamin E.


All wrapped up with a beautiful butterfly pea flower infusion.


Butterfly pea flower contains many antioxidants such as flavonoids, anthocyanins, and polyphenols. Your skin needs antioxidants to improve general health and elasticity. Butterfly pea flower also supports collagen structure. Collagen is the "scaffolding" of your skin and butterfly pea flower has been found to assist with collagen support.


We have not only infused our face oil with butterfly pea flower but we have added these beautiful dried flowers into every single bottle to continue their infusion as you use it.


Simply add a few drops to clean fingers and rub together,  then press into face and neck morning and evening.


Ingredients: Sunflower seed oil, apricot kernel oil, evening primrose oil, jojoba oil, Grapeseed oil, blueberry seed oil, chamomile oil, rosemary oil, frankincense oil, patchouli oil, ylang ylang oil, dried butterfly pea flowers