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Carnelian Crystal Tree | Neem Base 19cm

Type: Crystal tree

Carnelian Crystal tree with neem base

H:19 cm - Carnelian 100 chip gem tree with a natural neem base with Gems on top. Made from real gemstones, a wish tree is one-of-a-kind hand crafted piece.

Crystal trees are said to bring peace, prosperity and happiness.  Used in Feng Shui to enhance the space.  They are said to attract poitive energy and protect you from any negativity.  Spiritually, respresents new life, growth and stability.  The branches are for protection, the seeds and flowers respesent new opportunities.


Appearance: Translucent pebble, often water polished.

Colour: red, orange, pink.

Properties: Grounds and anchors into present. Removes fear of death, brings acceptance of cycle of life. Dispels apathy, aids positive life choices, clarifies perception. Protects against rage and resentment. Increases fertility. Heals lower back problems, rheumatism, arthritis, depression. Warms, energises lower chakras.