Pulp Riot Toner l Pale Pink 90ml


Superior pigments create beautiful tones in 5 mins or less, and reach deeper depths of tone for up to 20 minutes. We recommend using Pulp Riot 6 or 10 volume Developer. 6 volume is preferred for lighter and finer hair. 

The Pulp Riot formula not only tones the hair but it also provides a conditioning shine, increases elasticity, restores moisture and provides a barrier to help protect from environmental damage.

- Extends the life of color
- Tones hair in 5 minutes
- Vegan and cruelty-free


High Speed Hair Toners are best used on pre-lightened hair on levels 8-10. We recommend using 6 or 10 volume developer. 6 volume is preferred for lighter and finer hair. 

Since these toners are high-speed and progressive, you will see results in 5 minutes or less. You also have the option to process up to 20 minutes for deeper, more pigmented results.

The mixing ratio is 1:2 toner to developer. To slow down the process and give you more control, you may also choose to mix 1:3 or 1:4 by adding more developer.

Toners can be mixed for a custom hue, however application of toners should occur before applying any semi-permanent colours.